For a flexible and convenient...

Making a preference destinations requested to us. It is open choice for your desire destinations to be either one way or round trip with a limit of passengers between 169 - 189 people and duration of flight between 2 - 5 hours to anywhere you want.

NewGen's charter flight service is perfect for tour groups, government bookings and any organizations or individual who desire convenient and flexibility flight service.


We provide a full fight services

Aircraft Capacity Flight duration
Boeing 737-400 168s 4 hours
Boeing 737-800 189s 5 hours

For more information of charge, airport tax and other fees contact to NewGen Airways Sale and Marketing department

Sales and Marketing Service Phone: +66 2 617 7999 Email:

Charter Flight Service allows you to set your own itinerary at your convenience. Charter Flight Service allows you to select your own traveling companions on your flight. Charter Flight Service allows you to choose the exact services you desire.