We, Our, Ourselves, Us and Carrier means NewGen Airways.
Passenger, Guest, You, Your and Yourself means any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft with our consent.
Airline Designator Code means the two characters or three letters that identify particular air carriers. NewGen Airways’s code is E3.
Authorized Agent means a passenger sales agent who has been appointed by NewGen Airways to represent NewGen Airways in the sale of air transportation on our service, flights and/ or handle airport operations such as check-in and baggage services.
Baggage means your personal property accompanying you on your trip. It includes both your Checked and Unchecked Baggage.
Baggage Allowance means the amount of Cabin Baggage and Checked Baggage you are allowed to take on NewGen operated flights without additional charge.
Baggage Identification Tag means the numbered baggage document issued to you that corresponds to the tag attached to each item of checked Baggage.
Checked Baggage means baggage of which we take custody and for which we have issued a Baggage Identification Tag; it is also sometimes referred to as registered baggage
Unchecked Baggage means any baggage other than Check Baggage including all items brought by you into aircraft cabin. Please be aware of the allowable weight, dimensions and contents stipulated in these conditions.
Electronic Ticket means the Itinerary issued by us or on our behalf, the Electronic Coupon and if applicable, a boarding document.
Condition of Contract means those statements contained in or delivered with the Itinerary, and includes the conditions of contract or terms and conditions of carriage as set out in your Itinerary.
Damage includes death, bodily injury to a passenger, delay, loss, partial loss or other damage, arising out of or in connection with carriage or other services incidental there performed by us.
Itinerary means the document we issue to Passenger that includes the passenger is name, flight information, Conditions of Contract and notices.
Website means the internet site www.newgenairways.com provided by us for the purpose of passengers to access information about us.
Convention means whichever of the following apply:
  • The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw, 12 October 1929 (the Warsaw Convention);
  • The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague on 28 September 1955;
  • The Warsaw Convention as amended at the Hague and by Additional Protocol No. 4 of Montreal (1975);
  • The Guadalajara Supplementary Convention (1961);
  • The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Montreal 28 May 1999 (the Montreal Convention);
  • Any other applicable protocols or conventions and any enabling legislation.

1. Infant : Passengers may travel with their newborn infant who is at least seven days old to two years old on travelling date. An infant fare is free of charge and infant will not be assigned a seat. Only one infant per adult passenger will be accepted. If there is a second infant travelling, there must be another adult to care for the second infant. It is the responsibility of the passenger to provide sufficient care for the infant. Parents are reminded to bring all necessary items for the care of infants and children (such as baby food) as there are not available on board.

2. Child : NewGen will accept Children two to twelve years of age are entitled to occupy a seat. Company policy does not allow double seating with two children occupying a single seat. An adult person must be seated near the children as they are, in general, unable to follow instructions transmitted in verbal form or by signals. When many children are to be carried it will be considered a special flight, and one adult person must be assigned to look after each group of 15 children.

Special consideration should be given to passenger travelling with infants and small children. Upon boarding assist the passenger with baggage and seating.


NewGen may refuse to carry you if we believed your transportation would be unsafe for you or other guests. Prior to making a reservation or check in, you should inform us if you believe you suffer from any illness, disease or condition that would jeopardize the safety of you or other quests should you fly.

A) In the following circumstances, you are required to tell us in advance of travel :
  • If you suffer from any disease which is or you believe may be actively contagious and communicable;
  • If you have, because of a disease or any incapacitation, any unusual behavior or physical condition, which could have an adverse effect on the welfare and confort of other guests or crew members;
  • If you could pose a potential hazard to the safety of the flight or its punctuality;
  • If you would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain your health during the flight.
  • NewGen cannot provide any advice on your fitness to fly. If you propose to travel with a known, pre-existing medical condition, you should do so only on written advice of your own medical doctor or health professional.
B) NewGen requires that you are well enough to travel under your own power or are accompanied by a guest who can provide you with any necessary assistance Pregnancy before reaching their 28 weeks of pregnancy must meet the following requirements:
  • Submission of an approved doctor’s medical certificate not required
  • Signing of NewGen Airways release and indemnity form at the time of check- in to absolve NewGen Airways against any liabilities arising there from.
Expectant mothers reaching their 28 weeks to 35 weeks of pregnancy must meet the following requirements:
  • Doctor’s medical certificate must confirming the number of weeks of pregnancy and that she is fit to travel which certificate shall have validity of not more than 7 days from the departure the flight departure schedule.
  • Signing of NewGen Airways release and indemnity form at the time of check- in to absolve NewGen Airways against any liabilities arising there from.
Expectant mothers after the 35 weeks of pregnancy are not permitted to travel on NewGen Airways flights.

Please note *

We do not represent that travel is safe for you at any particular point during your pregnancy. Please obtain independent medical advice prior to your flight. The periods mentioned above are only our minimum requirements;

Wheelchairs are to be made available to our passengers as required. Wheelchair passengers must be offered assistance while boarding, in flight, disembarking and proceeding through customs and immigration facilities.
  • If a passenger is travelling with his/her own wheelchair it should be tagged with the appropriate destination tag and loaded last, in order that the wheelchair is readily accessible at the destination.
  • Passengers who intent to check in their own wheelchair shall be given the option of using a station/airport wheelchair. If the passengers prefer to use their own wheelchair within the airport they should be permitted to use it up to the aircraft door.
Blind are passengers who have severely impaired vision can be accepted for travel with escort only. (seeing eye dogs are accepted max. Four as PETC)
A few points are listed which should be borne in mind when dealing with blind passengers :
  • Let the passenger take hold of the escort’s arm, where he/she will naturally walk slightly behind you so that steps or directional changes can be anticipated. If there is a particularly high step or stairs this should be mentioned. When showing a blind person to his/her chair put his/her hand on the arm of the back of the chair and he/she will be able to seat him/herself very easily. When giving directions, say 'right' or 'left' according to the way he/she is facing.
  • Never ask others a question a blind person can answer for him/her self.
  • Do not provide a wheelchair for a blind person unless specifically requested.
Unacceptable Passengers
The following types of persons will not be accepted for carriage on board :
  • Persons who will require the administration of oxygen on a predetermined and known basis, either
  • Persons who require assistance in the use of injectable drugs or intravenous supplements either on a continuous or irregular basis, an exception would be diabetics.
  • Person required to be transported in a prone position or in a position which may exceed the “reclining” angle of the aircraft’s passenger seats.
  • Persons who have suffered the loss of both legs such that they cannot be adequately secured in a passenger seat by the use of the standard seat belt provided.
  • A person who has an obvious contagious disease.
  • A person who is mentally deranged or mentally incapacitated.
  • Infants under seven (7) days of age.
  • A person who may endanger his own or another passenger’s health, safety, or comfort because he/she:
  • Appears to be intoxicated or under excessive influence of drugs
  • Has an illness that may become obnoxious aloft,
  • Is unruly, disorderly, obnoxious or violent,
  • Carries a deadly or dangerous weapon, either concealed or unconcealed, or
  • May require an unusual amount or unreasonable type of assistance or medical treatment en-route, unless accompanied by a passenger capable of giving the necessary assistance.
Remark : Passenger who must be removed at the next stop, if the condition becomes discomfort to the other passengers for the health, safety or other conditions under special discretion of PIC.

Prima Facie Evidence of Contract : We do not issue ticket to you in order to reduce your burden. Therefore, our e-ticket and itinerary confirmation shall be the evidence of your purchase of our services. The Itinerary is prima facie evidence of the contract for carriage between you and us.

Identity : You will be required to identify yourself during Check-In procedure by presenting appropriate photo identification such as passport, citizen ID card with photo, or other officially issued card with photo.

Connections : NewGen Airways is strictly a ‘point to point’ airline and does not take an obligation or responsibility for transfer of passengers or their baggage to other flights or to ensure the connections for onward flight, whether operated by NewGen Airways or any other airline and is therefore not liable for any losses or expenses arising out of any failure to board a planned connection.

Fares : Apply only to carriage from the origin airport to the destination airport. Fares exclude ground transport services between airports and between airports and town terminals unless otherwise specifically stated by us. We are strictly a point-to-point carrier and shall not be responsible to you for any connecting flights or your scheduled arrival.

Infants :An infant under the age of two (2) (on the date of travel) may fly at the prevailing administration fee per sector provided he/she sits on an adult's lap. Only one (1) infant is allowed for one (1) adult. No baby seats or perambulators are allowed in the cabin of the aircraft. A child over the age of two (2) will be required to purchase a ticket like any other passenger. Newborn baby less than seven (7) days old will not be accepted for carriage.

Any tax, fee or charge imposed by the Government or other authority or by the operator of an airport in respect of your use of any services or facilities will be in addition to our fares, administration fees and charges and shall be borne by you, unless otherwise specifically stated by us. Such taxes, fees and charges imposed on air travel may be changed from time to time and can be imposed even after the date that your booking has been confirmed. You shall bear such tax, fee or charge as and when they fall due prior to departure.

Currency : Fares and charges are payable in the currency prescribed in our publishing unless otherwise specifically stated by us.
Revision : We reserve the right to revise any fares and flight schedules at any time and from time to time without prior notice.

Confirmation of Booking : The booking of a seat is confirmed after full payment of the fare is made and after we issue to you a booking number and/or the itinerary is issued by us.

Change Travel Details
Any change made to the flight information shall be subject to the following conditions :
  1. Flight Change (for individual traveler) - can be made up to 24 hours before the day of departure time.
  2. Passenger Name Change - must be made at least 48 hours prior to the departure time.
  3. Destination Change - Destination and Route are not allowed to be changed.

Personal Data : You hereby acknowledge and agree that your personal data has been given to us for the purposes of making bookings for carriage and providing you with confirmation of that booking, providing and developing services and facilities , facilitating immigration and entry procedures , accounting, billing and auditing, checking credit or other payment cards, security, administrative and legal purposes, credit card issuance, systems testing, maintenance and development, statistical analysis, and helping us in any future dealings with you. For these purposes, by entering into a contract of carriage with us you authorize us to retain and use your personal data and to transmit it to our own offices, authorized agents and third party business a ssociates, government agencies, other carriers or the providers of the services mentioned above.

Baggage Allowance

Hand baggage / Cabin Baggage

One piece of hand baggage per passenger is allowed on board. The dimension shall not exceed 55x40x20 cm and weight not more than 5 kg. This is part of the additionally free baggage items are listed below :

  • 1     Handbag/Pocket Book/Purse
  • 1     Infants carrying basket
  • 1     Overcoat/blanket
  • 1     Reading matter
  • 1     Duty free purchase
  • 1     Camera/binoculars
  • 1     Umbrella/walking cane
Cabin Baggage Restrictions
  1. Passenger carrying hypodermic needles must declare them at the screening point. Documentation or identification to confirm the passenger’s medical condition should be produced. Medication should have a professionally printed label identifying the medication or a manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label affixed.
  2. NewGen Airways does not accept any responsibility for items which we refuse to carry and which are not carried as checked baggage. We will not be responsible for or have any liability in respect of articles removed from your baggage by airport security personnel acting in accordance with any applicable regulations.
  3. Special items may not be carried on board as part of cabin baggage, but may be taken as checked baggage and do not constitute part of the checked baggage allowance as following item;
    • Bassinet
    • Car seat
    • Stretcher
    • Stroller
    • Walker
Checked Baggage

Mean that part of your baggage, including any excess baggage, which NewGen has taken into its custody for carriage in the compartment of the aircraft and for which NewGen has issued a baggage identification tag.

Checked Baggage Restrictions
  1. You must not include in your Checked Baggage :
    • Fragile, delicate or perishable items;
    • Computers;
    • Items with special value, such as money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware;
    • Negotiable papers, share certificates, securities or other valuable documents;
    • Cameras;
    • Personal electronic equipment;
    • Commercial goods or business documents
    • Passports and other travel documents
  2. As NewGen’ s liability is limited, we will not be liable for any inconvenience costs, expenses, loss or damage you suffer as a consequence of item being damaged, delayed or lost if you have ignored our requirement and included the items as checked baggage with or without our knowledge. Such items should be carried as cabin baggage but you must still comply with all relevant weight and size limitations.
  3. For health and safety reasons, NewGen airways reserves the right not to accept any individual item as checked baggage that exceeds 30 kg.
  4. We do not provide checked baggage transfers between NewGen Airways flights and those of another carrier. It is your responsibility to use a baggage transfer service or claim your checked baggage for your next flight
Free Baggage Allowance

Passengers (including infants) are allowed the following baggage: All NewGen Airways flights up to a maximum of 15 kilos (kg) for Touristic and for Worker flights 30kilos (kg) and a maximum of 5 kilos (kg) of cabin baggage are allowed.

Pooling of Baggage

Only for Passengers with same name allowed or when travelling together and being present at check-in desk for identifying luggage. No check-in of groups is allowed.

Prohibited Items

NewGen Airways will not accept for transport or carry, and you must not attempt to bring the following items on board as Cabin or Checked Baggage :

  • Items prohibited by any applicable national or international law, regulation or order;
  • Weapons of any type, including ammunition;
  • Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, or items that may become or are dangerous, such as those items specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical
  • Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • Items we reasonably determine are unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous, unsafe or because of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or perishable
  • Animals;
  • Lithium batteries or pyrotechnic devices; and
  • Disabling devices such as mace, pepper spray, etc., containing an irritant or incapacitating substance are totally forbidden

If we discover that you are carrying forbidden items, we may do whatever we consider appropriate and what is reasonable in the circumstances, including disposing of the item without notifying you. NewGen will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to any prohibited items if they are brought on board despite being forbidden items.

Excess Baggage

For International Flights

Excess baggage is to be charged per kilo for passengers with over 15 kg. The charge rate will be applied with their destination:

China Rate USD 10 / THB 300 / Kg.

The charges commence at 15 kg, i.e. for 28 kg of baggage we would charge 28 – 15 = 13 kg, 13kg x 10 = 130 USD. These figures exclude the normal allowance for hand baggage, which is 5 kg.

Baggage drop counters (International Flights)
Open: 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure Close: 1 hour before the scheduled time of departure

For Domestic Flights

Excess Baggage - Promotion Period 3-31 Dec 2017

น้ำหนัก/KG ราคา/BATH
Not Over than 5 KG 300
Not Over than 10 KG 550
Not Over than 15 KG 750
Not Over than 20 KG 900
Not Over than 25 KG 1000
Not Over than 30 KG 1050
Not Over than 40 KG 1200

Baggage drop counters (Domestic Flights)
Open: 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure Close: 45 minutes before the scheduled time of departure

Guests are required to hold a boarding pass to use our baggage drop counters.


Subject to the prevalent applicable local laws and regulations guest may take liquids on board in their cabin baggage with a maximum volume of 100ml. The items must be placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag.

New Gen Airways Forbidden Items

  • Ammunition (cartridges for weapons).
  • Avalanche rescue backpack.
  • Camping stoves and fuel containers that have contained a flammable liquid fuel.
  • Chemical Agent Monitoring Equipment.
  • Disabling devices.
  • Electro shock weapons.
  • Fuel cells and spare fuel cartridges.
  • Gas cartridges, small, non-flammable.
  • Heat producing articles.
  • Insulated packagings containing refrigerated liquid nitrogen.
  • Internal combustion or fuel cell engines.
  • Lithium Batteries: Security-type equipment containing lithium batteries.
  • Mobility Aids: Battary-powered wheelchairs or other similar mobility devices with non-spillable batteries or with batteries which comply with Special Provision A123 or A199.
  • Mobility Aids: Battary-powered wheelchairs or other similar mobility devices with spillable batteries or with the lithium batteries.
  • Mobility Aids: Battary-powered mobility aids with lithium ion batteries (collapsible).
  • Oxygen or air, gaseous, cylinder required for medical use.
  • Permeation devices.
  • Portable electronic devices containing non-spillable batteries.
  • Security-type attache cases, cash boxes, cash bage.
  • Specimens.
  • Thermometer or barometer, mercury filled carried by a representative of a government weather bureau or similar official agency.